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After School Enrichment Clubs

There are several options for after school enrichment available.  Teachers College offers Clubs (see flyer) and Roads to Success (RTS) offers varied programming every day.

The PRIORITY DEADLINE for enrollment in TC Clubs is Monday, July 31. The FINAL DEADLINE is Friday, September 15. Parents /guardians who sign up by July 31 will receive confirmation of the Clubs in which their children are enrolled by August 15. Parents/guardians who sign up after July 31 will receive confirmation of their children’s Club schedule in September.

Please select the enrollment form that corresponds to your child’s grade; if you have several children, please submit one form for each child (even if they are in the same grade). You may submit your form:

  1. Online using the button to the right or at https://tinyurl.com/y8occje6
  2. By e-mail at: tccsafterschool@gmail.com
  3. By mail: Teachers College, Attn. Audrey Cox, 525 W. 120th Street, Box 49, New York, NY 10027

Please contact Ms. Cox, TCCS Liaison at aac2170@tc.columbia.edu or (212) 316-8080 ext. 1101 with questions about TC Clubs.

To register for Roads To Success after-school programming, go to the following link http://roadstosuccess.org/families and click on “Register Here” to enroll at TCCS.  If you have questions or need more information, please contact Jasmine Uribe, TCCS Site Coordinator, at tccs@roadstosuccess.org.

Teachers College Enrichment Clubs 2017-18 (PDF)
– Programming provided by Roads to Success (PDF) – Information TBD

What are Teachers College (TC) Clubs? How many clubs can my child take?
In 2017-2018, Teachers College is organizing after school enrichment clubs for students in grades K to 6. The following clubs are available for each grade level:

Kindergarten: Creative Art, Math Games
1st grade: Creative Art, Math Games
2nd grade: Art/Fit Kids, Music Moves, Robotics
3rd grade: Art/Fit Kids, Music Moves, Robotics
4th grade: Music Moves, Orchestra, Science Discovery 5th grade: Creative Technologies, Orchestra, Choir 6th grade: Creative Technologies, Orchestra, Choir

Each club can accommodate up to 15 students and participation is free (except for activity fees for orchestra). Students may sign up for up to two clubs per week. Use the enclosed enrollment form to sign up.

When are TC Clubs available?

TC Clubs will run from September 25, 2017 to December 20, 2017 and begin again on January 17, 2018 to May 11, 2018.

Clubs start at 2:55pm and dismissal is at 4:50pm. Early dismissal is available only with advance notice to the TC Clubs coordinator.

Parents must pick up their children no later than 5pm unless they are also signed up for the Roads to Success program on that day, in which case they dismiss at 6pm.

What will my child’s schedule look like?

Most TC Clubs last 50 minutes. On a typical day, students enrolled in TC Clubs spend 25 minutes in the cafeteria for snack, another 25 minutes in the gym or playground for a movement activity, and 50 minutes in the classroom, for their respective clubs. Some clubs last 80 minutes, which leaves 25 minutes for students to snack and no time for a movement activity.

What are my options if I need after school care on days/at times when TC Clubs are not available?

Parents have the option to also enroll their children in the after school program provided by Roads to Success throughout the year in addition to participating in TC Clubs. However, the Roads to Success program will not be discounted for students enrolled in TC clubs on the same day. Prices for Roads to Success program options (3, 4 or 5 days/week) are included in the Roads to Success materials.

Parents whose children are only enrolled in TC Clubs have the option to sign them up for the Roads to Success program between January 2 and 16, and May 14 to June 22. Please consult the Roads to Success brochure for details.

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