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TC and Academic Enrichment at TCCS

Each year, Teachers College provides enriched learning experiences for students in every grade. TC enlists faculty experts to guide academic and extra-curricular programming at the school, as well as dozens of graduate students (many of whom are certified teachers) to assist with in-school and after-school programming.

Since the school’s inception, current TC students and alumni have taught art, music, science, nutrition, PE and Spanish classes during the school day and after school. This year, TC is focusing on music, art and science during the school day and a range of enrichment options during after school, through TC Enrichment Clubs.

The music program is flourishing under the guidance of Dr. Lori Custodero, whose research has focused on children from infancy through preadolescence, and adults as musicians, teachers, and parents. Dr. Custodero advises a team of five music instructors (current students or recent graduates of the Music Education program), who work with TCCS students at every grade level. Among them, an internationally-recognized children’s orchestra conductor and a violist who has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Julliard School, and concert halls around the world.


In addition to general music and choir classes, the program offers weekly violin classes for all 50 third graders, as well as an after-school orchestra club that meets twice a week. The strings program was inaugurated in the fall of 2014 year thanks to generous private gifts.

Science also features prominently in the TCCS curriculum, with TC graduate students engaging every grade in science exploration, basic principles of engineering, and robotics.

All students in grades K through fourth have the option to enroll in after school clubs organized by TC. TC Enrichment Clubs are free of charge and students may participate in one, two or three activities each week. All clubs are taught by TC students or recent alumni; this year, the following clubs are offered for each grade:
•    Kindergarten: movement, Engineering Is Elementary, art
•    1st grade: movement, Engineering Is Elementary, science exploration
•    2nd grade: art, movement, science discovery
•    3rd grade: robotics, Engineering Is Elementary, music
•    4th grade: robotics, Engineering Is Elementary, movement, and orchestra.

Visit the after school page of the website to learn more about TC Clubs and other after-school options for TCCS students.

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